profile7For the rest of April, I’m going to be plugging my 1 year WP anniversary post as it is pertinent to the experience of trading and this blog. Click here to read it.

The New York Stock Exchange traded well from the get go. I don’t know how the rest of the world is reacting to this news about the entire Korean peninsula being “at peace” but I guess if those guys over there think they can achieve peace then so be it. I would expect the market to like the event but there are probably hidden entanglements in future agreements which may not sit well. Who cares, let’s get on with today’s trading.

I traded one asset this morning and that was Cocoa. I put on one trade and lost a couple of ticks on it. I wasn’t worried as it wasn’t on any big size. Still, it would take some effort to make up for that loss. I didn’t trade anymore assets subsequently because along with Cocoa, there were no other setups that I felt were favorable to the risk I wanted to take. So, I just opted to wait for the cash open. Energy in the cash open is good because it gives you a chance to atone for mistakes that you make provided that they are small and today was no exception. Because the market moved well, I was able to cancel out my loss in Cocoa and beat business costs in a meaningful way to make today productive. I’ll take as many productive outings as I can before the end of the month because with summer coming up, every little bit helps.

I’m thankful that I made money today but even more thankful that the weekend is coming up. I don’t even care anymore, I just want to wrap up today’s trading, after work trade examinations and crack a couple of bottles of beer. It’s been a decent week for me but it felt long and tedious. With everything ending in the green, the next priority is to live life appreciatively and with professionalism and decency.

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