profilepic2The New York Stock Exchange traded well today. There were opportunities right out of the gate. Additionally, there wasn’t enough bad news to put too much of a topspin on the markets so all in all, we enjoyed a relatively good moving day – or morning if you only trade that.

I had a whole ton of things that I had to take care of so I was wondering to myself which I should concentrate on, the cash open or trading other assets. I just decided to flip a coin and it steered me over in the direction of the cash open. With trading swinging in manageable pivots, I was able to trade fewer times but with more size. That was what allowed me to beat business costs meaningfully and enjoy a rather good day ahead of my driving and errands. This will be a busy week for me but I don’t want to make it so busy that I don’t trade both aspects of the portfolio (cash open and other assets).

We are really getting warmer weather now and today is no exception. Even in the morning after doing some of my errands, I noticed how hot out it was. I normally don’t ride with the windows open in my truck until June but the last two week have been enough to make me do so. Ah, first world problems. Who do I have to thank for all this? You guessed it, hombrecitos! The man upstairs! Yeeeeehaw – I mean, Amen!

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