profilepic4We had a semi-slow cash open this morning. I wasn’t really in the mood to trade but if there’s one thing that will put you in the mood to trade, it’s the understanding that if you don’t make any money you’ll fall behind on mortgage/car/life payments. Then you’ll be screwed and if you’re like me, you’ll really start to wonder why you got into this stupid stupid business of trading. I regret ever doing this and if I could make money as a YouTube personality reviewing stuff I would do it in a heartbeat even though that would constitute me whoring myself out but it’s not much different than what I do to survive in this stupid career. I whore out my peace of mind.

Anyway, I traded The Euro this morning and while I only traded twice, the first was a feeler trade to see what the market was moving towards and then I went in with size expecting a short move. Instead, I was rewarded with a nice handful of ticks that put me up nicely on the PnL. Onwards to the cash open, I was expecting a letdown because I did well on the Euro but it was neither a letdown nor a reason to celebrate. I went in there, traded with size and more or less got something but in the spirit of greediness, I didn’t get what I wanted.

Still, it was good that I got out of today with a decent PnL. This is a really hard business and it is tough to blog about it when you suffer a loss. I can only imagine what it is like for other people but I know when I lose, the last thing I want to do is blog about it. We have a really hot day up ahead but the good news is, I’ve done all my errands from yesterday which comprise my week’s priorities – including writing out/sending checks for our monthly bills so today all I have to do is sit back on the couch while the central air kicks in and play video games until the wife gets home. Thank God for today.


One thought on “This Week Has Been A Sleeper

  1. I admire your grit and courage to trade for a living. Trading is no longer just a hobby or a side gig when you have a mortgage/car/life payments to make. The stress of trading on top of life’s responsibilities is too much for most traders to manage successfully. I agree that trading is stupid/dumb when the odds are stacked against the little guy. It’s a fortunate/lucky few who’s timing and capital were put on the line at the right moment.

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