The New York Stock Exchange traded with energy in the morning. I’m gonna keep this post short and sweet because honestly, I’m glad it’s the end of the week. I’m tired and I haven’t really felt like trading but I’ve had to push myself.

I didn’t make money on my asset trades however, I beat business costs productively in the cash open. I am very appreciative of that.

What I’m not appreciative of though is getting these “may the fourth be with you” texts on my phone. Just like everyone goes gaga for cinco de mayo, everyone goes gaga for this dumb star wars phrase that make me roll my eyes to the back of my head. I’m old enough to kindaaaa remember star wars but even then I was not impressed with the movies. So you can imagine my annoyance at every reference of it I see, including this one.

Give me something like “Ne Hoy Me Noy” or something. That’s almost obscure enough where I would get the reference and congratulate you as a connoisseur of fine pop culture!


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