prof2The New York Stock Exchange had a relatively subdued opening today. Call it, the Monday Blues – I call it, “I Hate This Stupid Business”. It’s crazy how the market isn’t so prone to crazy moves anymore with the headlines. It’s almost as if it’s gotten used to the political hysterics and demands a higher state of emergency before it even wants to go full capitalization into a move. Everything else is a pop here and there, nothing much more.

I traded the whole spectrum of my allowable assets today and made out with barely a profit. I traded British Pound, Cocoa, Orange Juice, Feeder Cattle and Wheat. After the fireworks you’d expect from such an Infinity Gauntlet of assets, you’d think that I’d have done better than just petty change. Nope, after all that punching and slashing I came away with nothing more than minimum wage – back in the 1950’s. Ok, it wasn’t like that. But it FELT like that. Moving on to the cash open, I was doing ok for the first couple of trades but then I hit this nasty streak where I was hitting pop-ups and or completely missing. I traded more than I should have and as a result, my business costs caught up to me. I am currently sitting in my backyard listening to the birds chirping trying to figure out a way to get back stronger tomorrow.

It’s a shame. Today is such a beautiful day and it would have been great if I had made money. As it is, my business costs drove my whole risk profile and I’m so sick to my stomach that I don’t even want to eat lunch. But eat lunch I must. I need to do some trading forensics and keep myself abreast of the news especially ahead of the Iran Nuclear Deal deadline. I want a pastrami sandwich and by gosh, I’m going to do whatever it takes to get it!


2 thoughts on “My Hatred For This Business Returns In 3…2…1…

  1. Would you give me your definition of “forensics”? My teacher called himself a forensics chart reader and now you’ve also used the term. For the life of me I don’t see how the word is applicable to trading or chart reading.

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    • when i say forensics it’s just tongue-in-cheek as is most of the things i post. forensics literally means collecting or, in my case, analyzing the scene of the crime. in this instance, i am analyzing the crime of my shitty trades.

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