prof8The New York Stock Exchange was fast today. I guess people were jockeying for position ahead of the President’s Iran announcement or something. Im not gonna pretend that I know what’s going on so I won’t comment on it. Still it’s pretty crazy thinking that this decision will affect us all in the years to come some way or another. I don’t even know why we had this dumb deal in the first place. If you wanted to shine a light on this problem, you could have just kept placing UN Inspectors there until there was a President strong enough to take appropriate action. As it is, this deal was essentially an ill conceived bribe to convince Iran to chill with the nuclear weapons.

I traded Cocoa this morning and was able to make a nice little profit considering I didnt trade it a whole lot. The only thing that helped me out was that I was trading on size so even the small moves I caught were very much helpful. The cash open was a little less warm, but I still got something out of it which is all I can ask for given that the summer is quickly coming upon us. I was able to read the tape well, or well enough, and that made a difference in my day.

I wanted to cook something on the grill but I decided that Ill do it at the end of the week. The weather is really starting to turn here and its showing in the foliage. Im so thankful that I can enjoy the sight of something like this compared to the garbage that I have to put up with just to make a buck. I keep telling my wife that one of us needs to win the lottery so we can both retire. She tells me that if it’s me that wins, I’d better not skip town and change my name because she’ll hunt me down and kill me. Damn, how did she know my plans??? LMAO!


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