profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange traded a little slowly again out of the gates. I don’t know what the news is right now, I didn’t get a chance to read the Wall Street Journal while I was getting my morning coffee. Well, it wasn’t like I didn’t get a chance. It was more like I didn’t give an oven-baked sh*t about what was going on and I just wanted to get in and trade the markets.

I didn’t have any assets to trade last night and into this morning because I didn’t really feel like there was anything tradable according to my risk profile so I just let sleeping iguanas lie. The cash open was a little difficult for me but I barely squeezed out what I needed to squeeze out and did it with as much capital expenditure as I could possibly muster within my portfolio’s optimal constraints. Even though I trade a lot, I do make it a point that I have to stay within my capital’s risk parameters and that also includes commission costs on top of losses I may sustain. There is definitely a point for me dollar-wise compared to number of tradewise when I know I am just spraying and praying. It took me a while to synthesize this to the point where I could rely on it in my gut but it is the foundation for how I wade my legs into this septic tank business without falling into the muck and drinking the feces of life itself.

Anyway, now that I’m done channeling my inner Hemmingway describing my trading, I can now move on to the rest of the day and concentrate on being a decent person. It’s hard to be positive and good when you have to slave away in the coal mines just to get small nuggets of currency but that is what most jobs are. I am lucky to have one and I am lucky that God has saved me from having to display my ineptitude somewhere else by giving me this career – even though I hate it.

It’s a nice day out today. Time to live thankfully.


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