prof7The New York Stock Exchange had a pretty good morning. There weren’t that many inflection points to get trades out of but given that it was a Friday, I’m not really going to give a cow’s sh*t. The week was rough but I got what I needed out of it. Now, as the sun sets on this beautiful Friday, I’m calm and not so stressed. I’m ready to fade out into the weekend.

I traded British Pound early this morning because I figured the technicals were ripe for a nice move going into the New York session. I was right about things being ripe but the move was not as much as I expected it to be. I wasn’t disappointed, I was just resigned. The next order of business was the cash open and for the first time in a little while, I actually traded the ES. I prefer to trade the Dow and the Nasdaq 80% – 90% of the time but I felt like I had a good shot at the ES for some ticks. I didn’t load up as much obviously because of the tick increments but if it were in terms of the YM, then I would be more than half loaded what I normally would be. Anyway, it was only like 2 trades on top of what I did in the YM so it wasn’t all that big but I scored a nice tick count.

All in all, great day, semi-good week, but I am really just ready to mentally pack it in. I’m watching the afternoon transition into early evening and seeing the sky gray up is an amazing sight. I am blessed even though I act like an impetuous douchebag. I am just a self-entitled brat that’s all. Is that so bad? Of course it is. But I ain’t changin’ yo. It’s gotten me this far and I’m not going to change the oil in this car while it’s movin’, baby! As always, thanks to the man upstairs that I didn’t pull off something too stupid this week. For now, it’s just waiting for the wife to get home from work and a nice dinner out in the town is in order.


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