The New York Stock Exchange traded well out of the opening. It’s been so many days since we’ve gotten real volatility back that I am honestly surprised when we get slow for more than a couple of days. Of course, with my trading style I want the violent rim shaking opens that allow me to spray my capital all over the place and catch some little dollar fishies. Today was no exception, the only exceptions are the days when the open is slow and I’m rubbing the temple area of my skull wondering if I could apply and work for an Amazon factory while baking up meth in my basement.

I traded the British Pound very early this morning looking for an early set of moves. While most of my trades there didn’t really yield much, I did get one for a good move and that was all I needed. Sometimes, things just don’t move and it’s really your responsibility to move on and find different areas by which to make money. In my case, after closing up the books on British Pound, my next area of concern would be the U.S. Equity Markets. Here, I had better opportunities than I did with the British Pound (obviously, they are two different types of assets). I slipped, moved, jabbed and uppercutted my way to a nice green PnL. Sure, I had a couple of losses but that’s to be expected in this dumb business. The point is, I handled my business costs and didn’t spend too much money to make money. Boomshakalaka.

I love it. I just love it when I make the money I need, plus a few dollars extra for spending. It’s a great feeling but I also know that the spectre of loss looms large like a Babadook and you’ll never be able to get it out of the trading world. It’s just something you have to learn to live with. I am thankful that I made money in this shitty business. God, and only God, in matters of probability can help you out and God don’t help out everybody so if you got help – be thankful. Now, I can look at the set of GMAT and LSAT strategies books on my shelf and know that it’ll take a big downturn in my performance before I have to think about using them, even at my age. That is priceless and enough for me to thank God everyday.




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