profile 6The New York Stock Exchange started off pretty quick today but things just kind of went south in terms of volatility. I would have expected some fireworks as a fallout from the North Korea news but I guess even then nobody gives a flying rat’s ass about that. Well, onto my trading….

I did not do particularly well today. My trading was just all over the place and I wasn’t really getting a sense of my markets: this is both for my asset trades and my cash open trades. I didn’t really even get a streak where I got hot. It was literally all two steps forward and taking a kick to the teeth. I traded Cocoa with size and I just wasn’t getting the moves that I needed. I just wasn’t aware or not “with” the market. The result was a whole bunch of hits and misses which started to weigh on the capital reserves. I decided to shut it down and enjoy the very small profit margin I made. “At least this will pay for donuts & coffee”, I thought. Additionally, I thought I was going to make money in the cash market. <Insert loud farting noise> Nope. I didn’t. Whatever happened in Cocoa immediately followed me to the cash open and I was pretty much left in a daze but conscious enough to understand this wasn’t my day.

I’m glad that I didn’t trade anymore because I’m convinced that I was one or two trades away from giving back a serious piece of my already pathetic profit margin. The only thing I can do now is just wait until tomorrow and just be mentally ready. I was planning on cleaning my roof gutters today but after we had that crazy weather pattern of thunderstorms in the Northeast, I think I’ll just save it for tomorrow or Friday afternoon.


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