profile7The New York Stock Exchange kind of shot out of the gates this morning but there was just something weird about it. I don’t know what it was – all I know is that inflection points were few and there was something disjointed about the morning. It was missing a key element that made it’s moves slightly faster than a mudslide but feeling as sluggish as pouring molasses on your face (don’t ask me how I came up with that).

So there were two asset trades today, Feeder Cattle & Cocoa. I felt like I wanted to try Cocoa again because I just couldn’t make out ass from head the last time I traded it and I felt like I didn’t give it my full attention (so, I trade it again with another asset, right?). This time around, I traded Cocoa with reduced size until I felt like I got a good direction on the market. The strategy and patience was one thing but the final shebang of the whole thing didn’t live up to the quality of preparation. While I did make money out of Cocoa, I just wasn’t as productive against my business costs. It was the same with Wheat, although over there, I wasn’t sized up at all and 3/4 off of my standard risk. I caught some moves but on that size, I needed bigger swings. All in all, a somewhat productive morning.

Lastly was the cash open. By this time, I’ve been looking at the market and I felt like we were going to be in for one of those woozy openings. This prompted me to hold back a little on my risk and try eating ghost spreads instead of looking for swings between buy and sell guys. It worked sort of ok in the open as I lost ticks on a handful of trades but made out ok on the others.

Was the day productive? Sort of. Did I wish I was in Santorini enjoying ceviche and club soda? Hell yeah. But I was as close to a really blessed day as I could be and that was because even though I didn’t make money,  I didn’t lose money either. I gotta be honest guys, I’m really running out of fumes here. I don’t know if I’m sick again or what but I am summoning up whatever strength I can summon to go ahead for tomorrow. I just have it in my mind that I can’t go at all and that’s a bad thing. I have been sleeping well the last couple of days so if there is a time when tiredness and fatigue should get me, this isn’t one of them. Anyhow, I’m tired now. I want to go take a nap. I’ll be ready for tomorrow though. It’s another chance and I gotta thank God for that.


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