prof1The New York Stock Exchange had a good open this morning. Things moved swiftly and there were several perches by which one could spring into a trade.

This morning, I traded Cocoa and I got off to a crappy start stumbling and bumbling because I traded pretty much to my capacity in those asset trades and netted next to nothing from it. The cash open was a little different but because I chilled out a little bit on my risk profile, I didn’t make as much as I wanted to. It was worth noting here that I also traded to my capital limits and even though I did much better than my Cocoa trades, it didn’t FEEL all that much better when I aggregated the final PnL numbers.

Today is a pretty quiet day. I have nothing to say but plenty of things to get done around the house. I had a minor distraction this morning which has thrown off a lot of my routine but winners adapt and losers take naps so I have to keep going no matter what the day brings me. I wasn’t especially productive but I’ll take today’s PnL number since I’m just coming out of a long weekend.



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