Nice Send-Off

profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange traded with a nice little bit of energy today. I was surprised but then again, with everyone leaving for the holiday, I figured we wouldn’t get as much girth in the market resulting in some spikey moves.

I traded Orange Juice this morning and true to my word, I both sized down and reduced my round trips so I wouldn’t feel the pain of commissions if things were to go sideways. And sideways, it did go. I couldn’t really squeeze anything out of FOJC after a handful of trades. Things on the cash open though were not as depressing. I was able to take advantage of some hot simmering market action but not in the size I would have liked to. This is fine because being a pre-holiday Friday, the last thing you want to do in this dumb business is to get caught with a huge bag when the tightrope is extra thin. Any loss you suffer will be blow up by a factor of 2 or 3 because of the market thinness. I didn’t trade the cash open all that much so whatever gains I got beat commission and then some. I am satisfied with my performance today.

This will also mark the day where I will take a week’s break from this super retarded business called trading. I’m so happy that I won’t have to look at a depth of market chart for a week because I hate everything that comes with it. I don’t really give a flying fuck – the market could tank a 1000 points next week and I’ll still be chillin and playing Halo. I don’t care anymore. I wish I never went into this business but I suppose having a job you hate it a million times better than having a spouse you can’t stand. With the former, you can always do something different, with the latter you may just have to pull an OJ Simpson if shit is that bad. But as with many things, I lucked out in the department of love. Sure there is a price to pay that’s how it is with life. I’ve gotten used to the drudgery of living as I’ve gotten used to the shitheaded-ness of trading.

Time to crack some beers and rot on the couch.

Guess We’re All Wrapping It Up

The New York Stock Exchange traded as slow as molasses this morning. There was just nothing to do, nothing to buy and nothing to sell. It was just literally a big nothingburger.

I traded the British Pound today and made some meaningful money because I sized up. I had a feeling things would be slow in the equity indexes and that’s why I realized that sizing up may be the only thing that I can do to harness the opportunities of today. After moving from British Pound, I took a look at things at the New York open and I pretty much made the decision not to trade it because it would impact the profit I already made earlier.

Thank God I made that decision because it just seems like the market is kicking rocks. I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow because I’m honestly thinking about wrapping it up for the week. I think I’ll trade tomorrow albeit very conservatively and very small. There’ll be a post up.

Just Chillin’

profile5The New York Stock Exchange started off well today. It was much better in terms of energy than yesterday so I’m thankful for that. As for having opportunities to make some cash, there were some but because it wasn’t as fast as I would have liked it to be, I had to make concessions on my trading.

I finally got to trade Feeder cattle this morning and while there were still opportunities to be had in the market, I wasn’t making the right reads in order to advantage of what was going on. The end result of my trades were that I made money but I didn’t make the kind of meaningful money that goes when a market moves as well as Feeder Cattle did today. So in many ways, I kind of lost out. The cash open was almost the same kind of affair except that I would have been better served sizing up. As a result, because of my relatively small trading size, I wasn’t able to really capitalize on any moves while my losing trades pretty much assured my PnL of being static. I beat commissions in the end which is always a good thing but I can’t help but feel like there was money left on the table.

I’ve had it with this week and it’s only a Wednesday. I can’t wait until Friday because I might actually take the day off and begin my week vacation early. The wife and I decided to visit some friends down in the New Jersey/New York City area. We’ll probably stay around major town centers of New Jersey in addition to Manhattan and Philadelphia. More importantly, we’ll only do it for a majority of the trip and not the full week. I’ll need at least 3-4 days where I can just veg out at the house and not think about this dumb business. It would also be nice to blog about something other than trading. We’ll see.

A Cooler Day

The New York Stock Exchange didn’t really trade with that much energy in the morning. I don’t know if there were any fireworks towards the afternoon but I was just pretty much stuck in limbo in terms of the PnL.

I traded Wheat this morning. I don’t remember if I said that there was a setup for it yesterday but whatever it was I may have thought to trade yesterday I don’t think I followed through on it. I only remembered after I had closed the books up for today. I could have used the idea being that the day was so quiet. I didn’t do all that well in Wheat as it was a mostly up and down affair. The cash open being as quiet as it was didn’t help and all I was left with was a heaping bag of camel shit.

At least today was a little bit cooler though so I felt like things were going to be more relaxed for me. It’s weird but I kind of miss the winter. Things were a little easier then. Right now, I’m just thankful to God that I didn’t overtrade in this market. It sucks when things are slow but you gotta look at it as taking you into the next day where there are new opportunities.

The Waiting Game

prof3The New York Stock Exchange really started off well. I didn’t read the news but something really propelled the trading today and it was all for the better for everyone – unless, of course, you were long the market.

Anyway, I traded the British Pound this morning because it looked like the currency was in a nice setup that would favor a breakout move of some sort. While there was a move, I didn’t really get the full leg of it as I just felt uncomfortable with how long I had to wait for things to materialize. I don’t like waiting all too much because to me time is money but more importantly, time spent waiting is a lost opportunity to seek out other trades. While there was nothing else to trade this morning, I did get a chance to see Feeder Cattle may be gearing up for a move tomorrow so I’ll be ready for that. The cash open went well because of whatever geopolitical news everyone is hyped up about today. I don’t care – it benefited me and I’ll take whatever benefit I can get from this dumb and worthless career.

It’s a really nice day today. I’m making progress with many of my goals for the first half of this summer but I would like to see more results. I am a results driven person now in this stage of my life. Back when I was younger, I could afford to (often, to my ill detriment) take moral victories. But moral victories don’t pay the mortgage – especially in this dumb business so you gotta be about the money or you’ve got a wicked jumpshot (+1 to whoever gets that reference). Thank you Lord! I’m done with this dumb job for today!

So Done With This Week

RooftoRunThe New York Stock Exchange had some good pop in the morning. There were places to make money and jump off into trades. In fact, I can say that about all of the markets today. Maybe it’s because it’s a Friday that things are going well. Nevertheless, I am pleased that I can go into the weekend because it has been a particularly long and grueling week for me for reasons that I do not know why.

I didn’t trade any other assets this morning because there was nothing to trade. I just concentrated on the cash open and that’s more than likely why I was up the money that I was. Sometimes, there is much to be gained by not doing something moreso than following draconian portfolio rules. Not that I am calling for non systematic approaches, I’m just saying that trading is a mixture between practicality and adaptability. It isn’t the cut and dry art vs. science argument that people make. As with all of life, trading requires a sense of nuance to keep from going insane and believe me, this dumb business will make you go insane.

Like I said, I am done with this pain-in-the-ass of a week. I am both stunned that I made it through and frustrated at the amount of bullshit I’ve had to cut through. And it’s not even like it was other people that caused the problem. These were issues that I should have resolved last year but didn’t have the foresight to understand what kind of problems they would cause in the future. For now, I’m working through everything and I’m glad that I am at a spot where I can rest for two days without thinking about the market. As always, I am thankful to the man above for the blessings that I enjoy.

Today Was A Battle

The New York Stock Exchange had some fight in the very beginning of the session but things just got too sticky with the market and whoever was caught still trying to play big and fast were handed a cold plate of red-pnl-roast.

I traded Wheat and Orange Juice this morning and I wasn’t getting the desired results. I didn’t size up to what I normally did so I was really depending on the cash open to bail me out. Instead, what I got – after sizing up there – was a big fat set of losses which heavily eroded the work I put into the two other assets. From peak to crying, I would say I lost about 30 – 35% of what wasn’t all that much money so I might as well have had the percentage amplified.

It was not a good day.

It’s a nice day here on the East Coast. The wife will be home soon and we decided that we would go out to a chain restaurant for dinner instead of cooking. It’ll get rid of the hassle of cleaning and we can give the dishwasher a break. We have first world problems but I still have to go out and hunt money like I’m a Neanderthal.