prof5The New York Stock Exchange was energetic in Friday’s trading. I suspect that it has more to do with the out-of-control volatility that’s emerging instead of geo-political factors that are being reported. Still, it’s a good thing but as with all good things we don’t want too much of it or else it will turn bad – that’s just the way it is with excesses.

Speaking of excess, I thought I was in for a treat on Friday but as many of you know, that fickle shithead friend, the stock market, can do many things to you before you close up the PnL books including f*cking you out of a particularly good gain – which is what ended up happening. So, in the morning, I placed a Feeder Cattle trade which went very well for me. I was about to just close out of my complete asset strategy when another setup came. I was thinking whether or not to close the Feeder Cattle books and run but another part of me was thinking I could probably make money. What followed was a blunder of colossal proportions. Not only did I get the trade wrong but because of the speed by which it was wrong, I literally took a big fat steaming crap on a quarter of what I made to which the added commission was the civet crapped coffee been on top. You know what I’m going to say about things like this so there’s no need for me to type it out.

I was hoping that the cash open would erase the taste of market excrement out of my mouth but I could not take anything substantial out of the open and in the end, realized that I will be eroding my profits even more.

Why can’t I just have a perfect day where I make millions?

I will not dwell on this any longer because I’ve got other things to take care of going into the weekend. Still, it hurts and the last thing I want to do is let it infect other parts of my life. I am thankful that I at least have this weekend and that I was in the green on Friday and not in the red. God has given me quite an amount of blessings so I should in turn use that to turn this bad feeling into a decent weekend.


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