The New York Stock Exchange traded today. I don’t know whether it was a good trading day or it wasn’t because everything just hit correctly. Losses were miniscule, gains were on size. Today was just one of those statistical outlier days for traders. You know what I mean. It’s almost like you can do no wrong. I know that I’ll probably pay for this one way or another later in the week but I’m just happy that I can log off the system and go through the books without doing a whole lot of math.

I needed this. Like, really. I really really needed a day like today. I still hate this business, but I love life today. Thank God for my blessings.

I traded Wheat again this morning. That turned out great on just a handful of trades. The British Pound went swimmingly. The cash open – lovely, just lovely. Again, losses were small and killed off quickly and gains were…well, it was just like being in a candy store with free candy if you were a kid. But in my case, it’s like being in store with all the liquor, cocaine and hookers that you can possibly get.

But since I ain’t about that life no more, I’m happy with a Budweiser. Oh, and grilled steak for tonight’s dinner! It’s time’s like these that I want to take my wife out in the big truck and carve up the freeways – all while listening to 80’s Japanese pop. Yeah…I see you; I know you’re feelin this vibe LMAOOO.



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