profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange came out swinging this morning – but it was swinging for my head. I read that Colin Kaepernick’s legal team wants to subpoena President Trump for his role in him not being able to secure an NFL contract. Give me a break, this is getting so ridiculous now. In financial news, I have no idea what’s going on other than the fact that President Trump did those things with the tariffs and now everyone is going crazy because apparently it’s going to cause the collapse of the global mercantile civilization.


It may have affected trading today but I am more in the camp that I probably just sucked ass in my performance. I didn’t see any assets that I wanted to commit capital to this morning so I just decided to forego those trades and concentrate on the cash open. I thought that since I’ve been having good luck there, it’d be fine to just focus on that today. Boy, was I wrong. Everything was ok for the first couple of trades although I did note that it was a bit of an uphill struggle. However, after about the 6th or 7th trade, I got hit with a patch of small losses that really just decimated the premium PnL that I was enjoying. At the end of the day, there just wasn’t a compelling reason for me to keep trading as I would just erode more and more of the profits made at the open.

It wasn’t productive but it wasn’t like I destroyed today’s PnL. Still, after all that work it was depressing to look at my final PnL number. It was almost as if the market was pissed I made money in the get go and wanted to get it back. The only thing that I could do was control the urge to overtrade and set myself up for tomorrow. I thank God for giving me that wisdom and I thank God that I have another day where I can participate in this business that makes me want to throw up and question the decisions I have made in my life to have to take up this career.


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