profile5The New York Stock Exchange had some good energy briefly as we came out into the open but while there were exploitable moves, the perches by which you could latch on and catch them were a completely different story. I guess I shouldn’t complain because last year I was lamenting the lack of action in the open. With the way things are going, it’s good that there are, in the very least, some ways to make money. My biggest gripe with it is how it affects my risk exposure because I’m not going to go all in towards a market that is – by my standards – thin. I just don’t feel like doing it and given that capital is an extremely scarce resource, I’m not gonna be that guy taking unnecessary risks all the time.

That being said, I can’t believe that the Warriors have one the championship again. What is it with this team? They are ridiculous. I wish I was making trades the way Steph Curry makes those shots because that would be so much cash in my pockets. I didn’t trade any assets today because there were no opportunities. I did however trade the cash open and it was a complete stumblefest. I was doing decently by my standards until I hit one particularly sour trade where I sized up and ended up getting smoked. That pretty much set off a round of PnL flatlining and I knew that I’d be killing my profit margin if I kept trading.

Still, I’m pissed but can’t complain. I’m tired as all hell and I had stuff to do right after trading which is why I didn’t post until late today. I can’t wait until I find out I’m the nephew of a rich European banker who has no one else to leave his fortune to except a distant relative (me) and I’d get all these millions of Euros and get to live in a castle next to Lake como where I would play Halo all day while the glisten of Lake como would bring tears to my eyes along with Jerry Vale’s Al Di La carrying across my room. There would also be a hot plate of veal parmesan next to me.

Oh, and speaking of Halo….



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