M8DBOID EC001The New York Stock Exchange traded like maple syrup this morning – slow, viscous, almost daring any fruit fly to come near its molecular bonds so that it would trap and encase them in a sugary death. Fortunately, I was not one of those insects so instead of suffocating in its maple-y badness, I just took whatever was in the PnL and ran.

My only good trade in the morning was the British Pound. It managed to make up for the bad trading that I did with Cocoa. It wasn’t a lot, mind you, because I wasn’t sized up to the maximum risk appropriations. However, I did have some type of size on the trades where I made out well and that was all the difference. All of this despite my break-even performance in Cocoa and the cash open. There was too much murkiness in global affairs for the market to take a decision so I just left it at that. There will be other trading sessions anyway so there’s no point in forcing capital into a hole that it doesn’t want to go in.

It’s a beautiful day today. I am helping a friend get his pool set up and once it does, we are gonna parrrr-tayyy. I am glad I do not have a pool. In all honesty, it is a pain in the ass unless you are the type of person that can really keep up with the maintenance. It’s really no different than having landscapers come in every week to do your lawn. You have to really be on top of it or else you’ll end up being like my friend where the water is green from all the algae and we have to wipe everything clean so the pool will be ready for the hottest parts of the summer.


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