profile2The New York Stock Exchange traded with some energy out of the gates but I may not have been attentive to the market or the market itself just kind of ran off and bobbed & weaved with its own rhythm. I know for sure that China is in the news because of the tariffs and the big money knows that regular Joe Schmoes like me may not feel too comfortable about what’s happening. I don’t know why other people would but I personally don’t give a shit because I don’t buy cheap products from China. I may buy products whose parts are made in China but for the most part I just stay away from their plastics and small nick-nacks. Don’t know where or why main street would feel badly about this so I feel like its just institutional investors creating stress where stress isn’t really necessary.

I didn’t trade any assets this morning because after all the hub-bub of this week, everything just kind of settled out quietly and either didn’t move or moved but moved back to where it was before. No sense in trading assets like that when the crowd has moved elsewhere. And speaking of elsewhere, the cash open is probably where they thought the action would be, including myself. But no sooner did the opening bell ring that I couldn’t string up a decent set of winning trades. I had two good ones but they were followed by ducks that just didn’t go anywhere. So, as always, I’m always keeping an eye on costs and figured that I didn’t want to erode the PnL any more than I did. So, with that I just decided to end the week.

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of June. I am starting to fall behind on my summer goals and its making me feel stupid inside. Lots of things to do, so little time, excacerbated by growing responsibilities. Hopefully, I can get a really good grip on things this weekend so I can get this summer off to a great start. I’m thankful to God for the blessings I have. I hope I win the Powerball so I don’t have to work anymore.


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