profilepic1The New York Stock Exchange was a little slow coming out of the gates this morning. I didn’t really see a whole lot of geopolitical factors outside of a spike in the dollar but that’s pretty much normal based on the track of the economy lately. As for domestic issues, whatever CNN reports is the news of the day and Americans will take that as it is. We are pretty much used to the noise….but we do know that despite what we see on social media Trump is largely doing an above average job in less than half the time that his predecessor did. If you want to count hollow moral victories then that’s one thing but this guy, he’s producing results and you can see it everywhere. For me, it is in the capital markets.

I traded Wheat this morning thinking that we were due for a nice move to the downside. I don’t know why, it just felt like people would be trying to get out today. While there were some good moves, I felt like I only capitalized off of a fraction of the action and I could have made more. Nevertheless, I made something and that is good for me. The cash open was where I faltered. I couldn’t really get a good read on the markets because I just felt like things were too slow and things just kind of lumbered about without any conviction. I hate those kinds of days. Where I sized up, there was nothing and even where I was careful, there was nothing. All in all, the market day was positive but not in the way that says to me I did my job. It was more like I was a young fresh out of college clerk working at the CBOT and I secured enough for next week’s meal plan of frozen food.

We have finally been able to string about a nice few days of summer weather. I am still helping my friend with his pool but it has been a real kicker of a job. I’ll be glad once we can all jump in but at this rate we may have to wait until the fourth of July. I’m done with the day, time to hang out and just relax. I’m thankful to God for my blessings. Without God, there is nothing in my life.

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