profile7The New York Stock Exchange felt like it was the trading day before July 4. In fact, I have a feeling that traders are just going to take the week off going into Independence Day and that’s why the wife and I have started to brainstorm some possible plans. We will more than likely just do a light trip and then spend the latter half of our time off back at the house. Me personally, I can’t wait to just play Halo campaigns all day and veg out (not that I don’t do that now to a degree).

As I was saying, the markets felt devoid of any life. I attempted to trade the British Pound and the only thing that kept me profitable there was because I took size. If I did not do that, I would have not made as much as I did due to the small move increments that I experienced. The cash open was the same. There were no real opportunities. The only difference was that I decided not to size up because in this arena, sizing up and losing repeatedly can turn a small profit into a heaping pile of dogshit. I just took what I could on meager size and called it a day after running into the brick wall of commission.

I pre-ordered a sack of crawfish that will arrive on Friday afternoon. I can’t wait. At first, when I was doing the crawfish boils when my wife and I first started dating, she HATED it. She thought it was absolutely disgusting how I was cooking these weird little mini-lobsters. In time though, I won her over. After all, after a pound of eating that stuff along with Cajun mayo, you will really develop a taste for it. The only hard part is the prep – it can be taxing. Anyway, that is what I’m looking for when this stupid week ends. There has been action and there has been inaction. The only constant is that I hate this job and I hope I win the lottery so I never have to work again.

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