The New York Stock Exchange had some fight in the very beginning of the session but things just got too sticky with the market and whoever was caught still trying to play big and fast were handed a cold plate of red-pnl-roast.

I traded Wheat and Orange Juice this morning and I wasn’t getting the desired results. I didn’t size up to what I normally did so I was really depending on the cash open to bail me out. Instead, what I got – after sizing up there – was a big fat set of losses which heavily eroded the work I put into the two other assets. From peak to crying, I would say I lost about 30 – 35% of what wasn’t all that much money so I might as well have had the percentage amplified.

It was not a good day.

It’s a nice day here on the East Coast. The wife will be home soon and we decided that we would go out to a chain restaurant for dinner instead of cooking. It’ll get rid of the hassle of cleaning and we can give the dishwasher a break. We have first world problems but I still have to go out and hunt money like I’m a Neanderthal.

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