RooftoRunThe New York Stock Exchange had some good pop in the morning. There were places to make money and jump off into trades. In fact, I can say that about all of the markets today. Maybe it’s because it’s a Friday that things are going well. Nevertheless, I am pleased that I can go into the weekend because it has been a particularly long and grueling week for me for reasons that I do not know why.

I didn’t trade any other assets this morning because there was nothing to trade. I just concentrated on the cash open and that’s more than likely why I was up the money that I was. Sometimes, there is much to be gained by not doing something moreso than following draconian portfolio rules. Not that I am calling for non systematic approaches, I’m just saying that trading is a mixture between practicality and adaptability. It isn’t the cut and dry art vs. science argument that people make. As with all of life, trading requires a sense of nuance to keep from going insane and believe me, this dumb business will make you go insane.

Like I said, I am done with this pain-in-the-ass of a week. I am both stunned that I made it through and frustrated at the amount of bullshit I’ve had to cut through. And it’s not even like it was other people that caused the problem. These were issues that I should have resolved last year but didn’t have the foresight to understand what kind of problems they would cause in the future. For now, I’m working through everything and I’m glad that I am at a spot where I can rest for two days without thinking about the market. As always, I am thankful to the man above for the blessings that I enjoy.


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