prof3The New York Stock Exchange really started off well. I didn’t read the news but something really propelled the trading today and it was all for the better for everyone – unless, of course, you were long the market.

Anyway, I traded the British Pound this morning because it looked like the currency was in a nice setup that would favor a breakout move of some sort. While there was a move, I didn’t really get the full leg of it as I just felt uncomfortable with how long I had to wait for things to materialize. I don’t like waiting all too much because to me time is money but more importantly, time spent waiting is a lost opportunity to seek out other trades. While there was nothing else to trade this morning, I did get a chance to see Feeder Cattle may be gearing up for a move tomorrow so I’ll be ready for that. The cash open went well because of whatever geopolitical news everyone is hyped up about today. I don’t care – it benefited me and I’ll take whatever benefit I can get from this dumb and worthless career.

It’s a really nice day today. I’m making progress with many of my goals for the first half of this summer but I would like to see more results. I am a results driven person now in this stage of my life. Back when I was younger, I could afford to (often, to my ill detriment) take moral victories. But moral victories don’t pay the mortgage – especially in this dumb business so you gotta be about the money or you’ve got a wicked jumpshot (+1 to whoever gets that reference). Thank you Lord! I’m done with this dumb job for today!


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