The New York Stock Exchange didn’t really trade with that much energy in the morning. I don’t know if there were any fireworks towards the afternoon but I was just pretty much stuck in limbo in terms of the PnL.

I traded Wheat this morning. I don’t remember if I said that there was a setup for it yesterday but whatever it was I may have thought to trade yesterday I don’t think I followed through on it. I only remembered after I had closed the books up for today. I could have used the idea being that the day was so quiet. I didn’t do all that well in Wheat as it was a mostly up and down affair. The cash open being as quiet as it was didn’t help and all I was left with was a heaping bag of camel shit.

At least today was a little bit cooler though so I felt like things were going to be more relaxed for me. It’s weird but I kind of miss the winter. Things were a little easier then. Right now, I’m just thankful to God that I didn’t overtrade in this market. It sucks when things are slow but you gotta look at it as taking you into the next day where there are new opportunities.


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