profile5The New York Stock Exchange started off well today. It was much better in terms of energy than yesterday so I’m thankful for that. As for having opportunities to make some cash, there were some but because it wasn’t as fast as I would have liked it to be, I had to make concessions on my trading.

I finally got to trade Feeder cattle this morning and while there were still opportunities to be had in the market, I wasn’t making the right reads in order to advantage of what was going on. The end result of my trades were that I made money but I didn’t make the kind of meaningful money that goes when a market moves as well as Feeder Cattle did today. So in many ways, I kind of lost out. The cash open was almost the same kind of affair except that I would have been better served sizing up. As a result, because of my relatively small trading size, I wasn’t able to really capitalize on any moves while my losing trades pretty much assured my PnL of being static. I beat commissions in the end which is always a good thing but I can’t help but feel like there was money left on the table.

I’ve had it with this week and it’s only a Wednesday. I can’t wait until Friday because I might actually take the day off and begin my week vacation early. The wife and I decided to visit some friends down in the New Jersey/New York City area. We’ll probably stay around major town centers of New Jersey in addition to Manhattan and Philadelphia. More importantly, we’ll only do it for a majority of the trip and not the full week. I’ll need at least 3-4 days where I can just veg out at the house and not think about this dumb business. It would also be nice to blog about something other than trading. We’ll see.


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