The New York Stock Exchange traded as slow as molasses this morning. There was just nothing to do, nothing to buy and nothing to sell. It was just literally a big nothingburger.

I traded the British Pound today and made some meaningful money because I sized up. I had a feeling things would be slow in the equity indexes and that’s why I realized that sizing up may be the only thing that I can do to harness the opportunities of today. After moving from British Pound, I took a look at things at the New York open and I pretty much made the decision not to trade it because it would impact the profit I already made earlier.

Thank God I made that decision because it just seems like the market is kicking rocks. I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow because I’m honestly thinking about wrapping it up for the week. I think I’ll trade tomorrow albeit very conservatively and very small. There’ll be a post up.


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