profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange traded with a nice little bit of energy today. I was surprised but then again, with everyone leaving for the holiday, I figured we wouldn’t get as much girth in the market resulting in some spikey moves.

I traded Orange Juice this morning and true to my word, I both sized down and reduced my round trips so I wouldn’t feel the pain of commissions if things were to go sideways. And sideways, it did go. I couldn’t really squeeze anything out of FOJC after a handful of trades. Things on the cash open though were not as depressing. I was able to take advantage of some hot simmering market action but not in the size I would have liked to. This is fine because being a pre-holiday Friday, the last thing you want to do in this dumb business is to get caught with a huge bag when the tightrope is extra thin. Any loss you suffer will be blow up by a factor of 2 or 3 because of the market thinness. I didn’t trade the cash open all that much so whatever gains I got beat commission and then some. I am satisfied with my performance today.

This will also mark the day where I will take a week’s break from this super retarded business called trading. I’m so happy that I won’t have to look at a depth of market chart for a week because I hate everything that comes with it. I don’t really give a flying fuck – the market could tank a 1000 points next week and I’ll still be chillin and playing Halo. I don’t care anymore. I wish I never went into this business but I suppose having a job you hate it a million times better than having a spouse you can’t stand. With the former, you can always do something different, with the latter you may just have to pull an OJ Simpson if shit is that bad. But as with many things, I lucked out in the department of love. Sure there is a price to pay that’s how it is with life. I’ve gotten used to the drudgery of living as I’ve gotten used to the shitheaded-ness of trading.

Time to crack some beers and rot on the couch.

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