profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange traded kinda ok this morning. This  day was just too nice for me to sit down at the desk and look at my computer, that’s why I almost forgot to post.

I had a pretty easy time trading the cash open (surprisingly). I had open opportunities and ledges where I could size up. I played with my maximum allowable risk today and it worked out for the better. Where I stumbled though was my asset trades. I tried trading British Pound in the morning but I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere with it and moved over to Feeder Cattle. I wish I didn’t do that because I ended up getting slapped around and having to take the market. When you have to do market orders in Feeder Cattle, you have pretty much fucked up. Luckily, I wasn’t in there for size so my losses were minimal. It was still, though, enough to erode my overall PnL so I wasn’t happy about that.

We are getting a scorcher of a week as temps are going to climb here in the East Coast. I kinda wish some colder weather would come in but this is July for better or for worse. Not only is it the time for swimming pools and barbecues but it’s also the time when you’ve got to have momentum going into the latter half of the year. This is not the time when you want to overtrade on a losing strategy or else nothing but a miracle trade can save you towards the end of the year.

Just don’t forget to relax. I know I’m not forgetting it. It was dope hanging out at my friend’s pool lol.


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