The New York Stock Exchange traded well today. I don’t know why I wasn’t able to make more money out of it but that was just the unfortunate case.

I didn’t trade any assets this morning because I didn’t see anything worth committing capital to. I could have taken maybe one or two trades in the British Pound but I was additionally not able to size up so I felt like any asset trades I would make would be a waste of commission dollars. So I was left with the cash open to try and make cupcakes out of dough.

I stumbled around for the first 4 trades on the cash open but we got some real injection in moves (probably traders cycling out of short term positions) and along with a decent amount of size I was able to put on, I made good enough money today where commission costs were not an issue.

My issue though came right after when, in a relaxation of judgement, I stretched my arms out in a gesture of relief after a hard day’s work. My hand tipped over my Aston Villa FC pilsner glass and all I could hear was the unfortunate sound of glass shattering on the floor. I don’t even like Aston Villa, I just like saying the club’s name because I think it’s cool to say.

So yeah, I didn’t make as much money as I wanted even though I beat commissions…but in the process, I lost my trusted beer glass and there’s nothing I can do about it except feel dark and emo.



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