profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange had a pretty slow morning. This was a shame because I really needed some fast action after how I had sh*t the bed in yesterday’s trading performance. Lots going on today in the market but I have to say that Morgan Stanley’s beating estimates is a pretty big deal. This means that there is, in the very least, something going on in the financial sector and that companies need banking services. Anyway, on to trading:

I traded Wheat this morning and managed to get myself into a deep hole after three failed trades. This is what made the difference in the day and it proved to be too deep of a hole to get out of mentally. I thought that I could at least get some money back in the cash open but when New York opened up, I got slaughtered. I just didn’t know which way I was going and add to that me sizing up on 3 trades with 2 of them not going my way, my whole day was as horrible as horrible could be.

I’m pretty tired. I’m miserable with this dumb job but at the same time I’m thankful that I know when to just get up and walk away. Like I always say, you can always salvage a part of your day by being a decent human being and not letting trading problems infect your household. That’s the aim of the game now. That and – of course – to get ready for tomorrow’s action. I gotta make up for the lost cash.


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