prof7The New York Stock Exchange traded pretty well this morning, as it did yesterday morning when I had forgotten to post.

Yesterday’s performance was ass. I traded small size in Wheat but couldn’t get a positive PnL there and the cash open was where I really shit the bed. It was pretty much carnage for my PnL. Not my worst day of the year mind you but bad enough for me to consider what life would be like if I decided to become an HVAC technician. Fortunately, today’s trading allowed me to put that to the wayside and again – like some idiot child – think of the possibilities of becoming a multimillionaire in this stupid trading business.

I was about to not trade the open after trading well on Wheat again but I did it, hesitatingly because – well – you just have to. It’s my job and it’s what my portfolio was built for. While I didn’t size up to max capacity, the number of trades and winners was enough for me to build a sizeable PnL. I was probably at more than half capacity for my capital risks and on days with good moves, that really helps you. Combined with my trades on Wheat, I was able to secure a good payday for today (ending this horrid week), while effectively nullifying the effects of the last three trading sessions. Things like this helps to keep your mind positive.

I don’t believe in hollow victories, nor do I subscribe to moral wins. In this camel shit business, it’s either you make money or you don’t. I’m thankful to God but boy, if I could win the lottery that would be great.


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