RooftoRunThe New York Stock Exchange traded a little choppy coming out of the gate. I didn’t see any big news other than the fallout from the tweetstorm that erupted when Iran’s government implied that they could unleash “the mother of all wars” against us. I think it’s cool that The President tweeted back but I would have left the all caps out as it made it look a little too extra.

Took a few trades on Orange Juice today and two round trips on Cocoa. None of the trades worked out particularly well and when it came time to size up my performance, I didn’t really do as well as I thought I did. I mean, it was productive in the minimal sense of the word but I feel like I could have done better. I had a feeling it was going to be like this in the cash open and my feelings were spot on the money. The only reason that I managed to compile a decent PnL number was because I was sized up to the maximum amount of contracts I could trade. If I wasn’t, I’d have probably wasted my time trading the open. Here’s the thing: when you’re trading uphill like that, trying to come away with something, it tends to feel like unless you’ve made a good amount of money, you’ve just broken even. That’s how I felt after trying to control the ship that is my stupid career choice of trading. Am I glad that I made money? Of course. However, I’m not in this dumb business just to break even. If I wanted to break even to survive I would have gone into cattle ranching. I’m in this business to become a millionaire.

It’s a beautiful day today. The wife and I had lunch at our neighbor’s place and we got to do a little pool time which got me thinking if we should get a pool ourselves. It’s a big expenditure so I’ll have to check what financing deals are out there. I think that would complete the house but I’d sure hate to lose a lot of the backyard even though I’d have to clear out some bushes way in the back to make up for the amount of land lost. Anyway, it’s a nice day. I’m glad I can even think about things like this. On to the next day.


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