profilepic2The New York Stock Exchange traded ok out of the bell. There were opportunities but I just didn’t capitalize on them as much as I felt like I should have been able to. Coupled with my asset trade performances, I felt like I probably left money on the table. But I can live with today’s results. It is last Thursday and Friday’s that I have to talk about.

I just got into a really crazy scheduling conflict and basically my daily schedule was torn apart as priority after priority hit me in the face. I just could not escape it. Fortunately enough though, Thursday and Friday went well with Thursday being the standout day as cash open trading provided a big boon for me.

What is important now is that I have blogged for today but I can’t help but think about the direction that this blog will go. While I won’t say it was liberating that I didn’t have to blog on those last two days, there is a feeling of pointlessness when I am putting these daily posts out. It’s like “what am I doing this for?” “Why am I doing this?”. When I started, I could answer those questions but now when I ask them again, it doesn’t seem like I can give any definitive answer, even worse, it seems like I don’t care enough about it. I can admit though that whatever novelty there was at the beginning of this blogging experience is gone. I am doing it more as a job than as something I enjoy. But the funny thing is, this job is better than trading. At least here, I can control the output lol.

Anyway, I guess I will have much to think about in the next couple of days. I am thankful but like I always say….fuck this job.


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