Labor Day Is Here

The New York Stock Exchange traded pretty slow despite the initial drop. Everybody just kind of left at that point.

I didn’t trade any assets so it was just cash open stuff for me. I did three or four round trips and signed off. No point now.

Saw that Chevrolet unveiled their new medium duty trucks – sweeeeeet!


It’s gonna give both Dodge (RAM) and Ford a run for their money. I haven’t really drove a GM vehicle in years because their interior is straight up ass but my heavy duty truck is starting to get up there in years owned. If this is what the new GM heavy duty trucks look like, then I’ll have to at least take a look when the time comes as my truck is already two years paid off.

Enjoy Labor Day. Drink Beer. Have good food. And most important; have fun.

America. Fuck. Yeah.




The New York Stock Exchange opened up strong but I wasn’t about to trade anything because I knew I’d probably get stuck mentally.

I traded the British Pound this morning and I got two good trades out of it.

So I just marked my day as DDS or Didn’t Do Shit.

What really got me irate though was this “list” compiled by this “journalist” talking about the 50 best Michael Jackson songs. My face just got sadder and angrier as I read the list. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was horrible. Brutal. Among her chief misgivings:

  • She rated Off The Wall at #35
  • Didn’t even include Lady In My Life….anywhere.
  • Had the nerve to rate Rock With You under Beat It
  • And didn’t include I Can’t Help It …..WHAT THE FUCK?!?

President Trump is right. We have a complete erosion of journalistic integrity. Fake news abounds!!!

Labor Day Kickoff

The New York Stock Exchange traded shitty. I expected this being the week before Labor Day.

I traded Wheat this morning and cut my trade after I felt the market stagnating. I traded the cash open and got out when there was nothing there.

Speaking of kickoffs – college football is ready to go this Saturday and I am psyched!

I am also psyched about this game:

Leaving The Salt Mines

general-william-tecumseh-shermanThe New York Stock Exchange traded pretty good today getting out of the gates. There were opportunities galore to make money and the only thing that was determining your PnL – of course, other than being right – was the size that you took.

Fortunately, I didn’t scale down but I didn’t maximize either. I just settled into a nice cozy contract size and chewed into the day’s market action. Did I have a positive PnL? Yes. Did I do it in a cost effective way? Arguably. The only thing that counts heading into the weekend is that I made money and now I can veg out. Wheat trades went very well today. I just felt like I got into price points that were primed to move well and not too adversely before going green. It didn’t take me a lot of trades to get substantial PnL numbers and that always helps.

It’s strange how you take things for granted and when they are taken away from you, you’re like “fuck, why was I not thankful for these things?”. This was me with the internet for the last 10 days. The bonus of all this was that my cable company was giving us credit towards the next month’s bill to reflect our not being able to use their services (we have hotspots in the town but the way the subdivisions are set up, getting another subdivision’s hotspot is close to impossible unless you’re the nearest house there). Through all this, I’m just glad things all fell into place and I can just chill out and not think about trading for the next two days.

A Wisp Of Cold

profilepic4The New York Stock Exchange was a mixed bag this morning. I don’t know if it was political news or if people just stopped giving a shit. Either way, we are certainly in a channel, a trench of sorts, waiting for the next piece of news to hit.

As I said, the cash open was a little slow so that impacted how I traded and the amounts that I used. It didn’t matter all that much because I had gotten myself into an early hole that I just could not get out of. Because I had traded British Pound in the morning to some form of success, I was able to have a positive PnL but it was, by no means, what I would want in a daily PnL given the size that I trade.

All in all, today was one of those dangerous days where it was better that you simply got out of your own way instead of trying to force something. As soon as I saw that this was going to be the case, I wrapped things up and left the house to run some errands. It feels good to be able to hop in the shower right after trading – it really cleanses the soul.

Personally, I would prefer a pool.

Cooling Down

profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange opened up slowly save for two good moves that I could have taken advantage of. The crappy thing about all of today was that I could only take advantage of one of them.

I traded Orange Juice today and while I had a good set of trades based off of the total ticks, I left money on the table because I didn’t size to the maximum. Still it was a good day by most measures. The problem is, I don’t measure things in the same way. I want millions – every day of my life and if I don’t get that then every day is a failure. Lol. The cash open was more of a mixed bag as I did escape commissions costs but the PnL wasn’t as productive as it could have been.

The cable company has finally finished fixing the internet connection for the entire block and I am so happy that I no longer have to saunter into a Starbucks to trade. If there is one thing I have learned through this entire ordeal, it was that there are a shit ton of people hanging out in Starbucks and Barnes and Noble. I have no idea why. Don’t get me wrong, I would go to those places back in the day if I just wanted to chill but not like all the time, you know what I’m saying? That’s just weird, if you ask me.

Anyway, I’m tired. I have a full rest of the day into the evening as the wife and I are attending her little nephew’s birthday party. It won’t be all drab for me as it’ll be an opportunity to feign ignorance of competitive Halo or Madden football and then when a kid tries to test me, I’ll demolish him/her in front of all the little youngsters – show them where they stand in life hahahahahaaaaaaa!