prof3The New York Stock Exchange had a fairly strong opening today.  Because of my performance in the last couple of sessions, I didn’t feel like it would be a good idea to size up so before all of my trading today I just decided that I would go half of my normally allocated risk and just see where it takes me.

I traded the British Pound this morning and while there were good opportunities, I felt like I missed out on some really good moves by getting out too early. I could have made more but I am a cautious person by nature. It was the same way in the cash open. There were ample opportunities for me to really get in and get some money but I just felt like with it being a Friday, there was no sense in being aggressive. I’ve got more market sessions for this. I don’t have to make my fortune in one day even though I’ll take any and all opportunities if I can get into them fully.

For now, the day is done and so is the week. I am thankful that I have the life that I have and I look forward to a weekend full of TV, spending time with the wife and maybe a little Call of Duty with the guys.


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