The New York Stock Exchange opened quietly this morning. There wasn’t all that much to do.

I ended up losing money in the cash open which sucked because…

I didn’t make all that much trading Feeder Cattle. So basically this day was a wash.

A house down my street had a problem with their septic system and piping around it so now – in the middle of summer – the pipes and tanks leaked so until they get everything fixed, my summer dusk routine of hanging out in the backyard patio will have the faint scent of human doo doo in the air.

I’m annoyed, not just because of that issue but because these neighbors don’t even clean their front yard. There’s shit all over the driveway and their dog barks all night – probably because it’s miserable. They’ve never made the effort to get to know my wife and I. Furthermore, their kids are obnoxious and downright ugly.

I think I’ll go take a nap.


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