general-william-tecumseh-shermanThe New York Stock Exchange traded well this morning, there were enough moves and in enough tick sizes where you could have made money. I was extra dialed in today because for reasons outside of my control (I think you know what it is), I had to trade the cash open at a Starbucks.

We are now in day 2 of this septic tank mess with one of the neighbor’s houses down the street from me. Among the myriad of things it has affected, there is a strange miasma around the block because of the chemicals being used to treat the sewage problem. Out of an abundance of caution, the wife and I are not using tap water, rather we are buying bottled from the grocery store for all consumption needs, which was cool – up until I went to check on the Asian markets last night. I couldn’t. Why?, you ask? Because in all the hub-bub of this mess, an underground cable wire providing the block with its internet was cut/mangled/eroded – something that affected not only my ability to receive internet, but everybody else’s. The cable company cannot make repairs until the water and sewage guys give the OK that it’s safe. Hurray. So, I could not trade any assets I wanted to trade because I don’t feel comfortable at the current situation and I had to pin my hopes on the cash open which did not provide me with all that much.

I am frustrated to say the least. I can make my adjustments. The wife and I have 4G on our phones but I will have to keep my trading to Orange Juice, Cocoa and maybe even Feeder Cattle for the time being if I want to trade assets. This sucks and I hate it. I hate people who kill my time and believe me, after this whole septic system business is over I will remember the inconvenience this wrought on me when it’s time for my wife and I to give homemade Christmas cookies to our other neighbors on the block.

Switching gears for a moment, my nephew came over to the house last night with his parents. Apparently, he is sad because he is not a chick-magnet in school and he is asking me advice on how to do it; I am, after all, a chick-magnet – not to brag though. He is telling me that young guys with no redeemable qualities about them save their Instagram and YouTube profiles are the ones getting the girls. I tossed him my Adobe Premiere Pro/Lightroom install disc and said; “son, in my day, we didn’t have the benefit of Instagram and Twitter to show ourselves off, we actually had to talk and impress girls face to face! you gonna have to learn these programs, go with the times and do what works!”





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