prof4The New York Stock Exchange traded slowly today. I didn’t really care too much about trading because I just wanted to be in a position where I could take my money and run.

I went to a Starbucks early this morning and traded British Pound. I did well enough with that. Then I went back home and chilled for an hour before going to a different Starbucks and trading the cash open. Oh-fuckin-yeahhhhh.

But here’s the thing: I made three round trips on the New York open and referencing the molasses pace of the market I was like: “fuuuuuuuuck thiiiiiiisssss shiiiiiiiiiiiiit”. I logged off the system with a slight gain knowing that not trading would protect what I made in the British Pound a few hours before.

Fast forward to 12 hours later and I am chillin at my dining room table typing up this awesome post. I’m glad I didn’t lose money today but more importantly – I’m glad it’s the weekend. Now, if somebody could just get the stench of human crap out of the immediate air I’d be really…and I mean, really…as they say in France, reconaissant.


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