RooftoRunThe New York Stock Exchange had a good morning today. Although we are having geopolitical hiccups, the market seems to be shrugging it off and proceeding to wherever it wants to go value-wise (doesn’t it always do this?). Anyhow, there were opportunities to be made but I was really focused on getting out of the hole I dug myself into from yesterday’s trading.

I traded British Pound early this morning. It seems like I am trading that asset more as this month goes by. I had a pretty decent gain from the handful of round trips I made. Everything was on maximum size so even though the moves weren’t big, the loadout ensured that I would get something from the trades. The cash open went well for me. Even though I didn’t trade a lot, my size – not max contracts – helped to create a good PnL for me as I got out of weird feeling trades quickly. That’s all we can do anyway.

We are now a full week and change into the saga of my neighbor’s septic tank and while “debris” has been cleared, we have yet to wait for the cable company to give the go on our block’s repairs. I’m not even pissed anymore, I just accept it for what it is. Because I wasn’t able to go outside without retching from the smell of chlorine and poop, some weeds have propped up both in my front and backyard. I guess I will have to bite the bullet and do all these things by hand. This will be a fun evening for me.


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