profile5The New York Stock Exchange had a great start for like the first 3 minutes of trading, but I suppose that’s where all the orders were. After that, everything pretty much dried up like one of those river documentaries in Africa. Everyone that was still trying to get money out of that time period (read: me) was going to have a hard time. And believe me, today was one of those difficult days.

I stumbled out of the gates on my asset trades. Cocoa was simply not a good performer for me as I hoped it would make up for my so-so trading in the cash open. After a few round trips and trying to keep my losses as small as possible, I got a few good trades and that was enough to escape the mediocrity of my cash open and asset trades.

I am thankful that I didn’t lose money today. While I didn’t trade well by any means, I’ll take some money over none at all. I am very thankful to God. I am also very thankful that the cable/internet company has started repairs. The smell in the air is still present but there is a sense that it is dissipating which is difficult in this nasty muggy summer air.


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