The New York Stock Exchange traded with a bucket of awesome this morning. Normally, I start off the post with that only to tell you that I wasn’t able to make money because I am stupid not only for choosing this dumb career but because I’m stupid in the general sense that I cannot really read the market and my success is built on a pyramid of amazingly fortunate coincidences. Yes, I am lucky – and I am thankful to God for that.

I was not, however, so lucky in my asset trades. While I didn’t shit the bed trading Wheat, I didn’t do so hot in it either. After a little more than a handful of round trips and getting excited for moves that didn’t happen, I decided to give it up for the day and focus on the cash open. I’m glad I didn’t overtrade on Wheat because the New York open was all that I needed to rocket me into the bliss of profitability.

I’m eating dinner by myself tonight because the wife is working. It’s junk food. My favorite type of dinner. Then I will sit back and get on YouTube and play some Halo to end the night. If only every day were like this – I’d be one content person.


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