The New York Stock Exchange traded quickly out of the gates today. I am glad because it made my whole day a little bit more bearable.

I traded Wheat this morning and after a handful of round trips, my PnL looked like a beauty queen 8 years into a meth addiction. Yes, I traded atrociously on my asset trades. That’s why I desperately needed the cash open to trade as fast as it did. I sized up because I felt like my trades could handle the action. In the end, I did great in the cash open but it wasn’t enough to negate the diarrhea from my earlier trades.

Speaking of diarrhea and human waste, the cable company has been working to restore my internet and is almost done. By this time tomorrow, I should be able to trade from home instead of doing this dumb coffee shop routine. It’s nice to go out but there’s nothing like trading in sweatpants and a t-shirt while chillin’ in your comfy office chair.


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