profilepic4The New York Stock Exchange was a mixed bag this morning. I don’t know if it was political news or if people just stopped giving a shit. Either way, we are certainly in a channel, a trench of sorts, waiting for the next piece of news to hit.

As I said, the cash open was a little slow so that impacted how I traded and the amounts that I used. It didn’t matter all that much because I had gotten myself into an early hole that I just could not get out of. Because I had traded British Pound in the morning to some form of success, I was able to have a positive PnL but it was, by no means, what I would want in a daily PnL given the size that I trade.

All in all, today was one of those dangerous days where it was better that you simply got out of your own way instead of trying to force something. As soon as I saw that this was going to be the case, I wrapped things up and left the house to run some errands. It feels good to be able to hop in the shower right after trading – it really cleanses the soul.

Personally, I would prefer a pool.

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