general-william-tecumseh-shermanThe New York Stock Exchange traded pretty good today getting out of the gates. There were opportunities galore to make money and the only thing that was determining your PnL – of course, other than being right – was the size that you took.

Fortunately, I didn’t scale down but I didn’t maximize either. I just settled into a nice cozy contract size and chewed into the day’s market action. Did I have a positive PnL? Yes. Did I do it in a cost effective way? Arguably. The only thing that counts heading into the weekend is that I made money and now I can veg out. Wheat trades went very well today. I just felt like I got into price points that were primed to move well and not too adversely before going green. It didn’t take me a lot of trades to get substantial PnL numbers and that always helps.

It’s strange how you take things for granted and when they are taken away from you, you’re like “fuck, why was I not thankful for these things?”. This was me with the internet for the last 10 days. The bonus of all this was that my cable company was giving us credit towards the next month’s bill to reflect our not being able to use their services (we have hotspots in the town but the way the subdivisions are set up, getting another subdivision’s hotspot is close to impossible unless you’re the nearest house there). Through all this, I’m just glad things all fell into place and I can just chill out and not think about trading for the next two days.


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