So Glad To Be Done

The New York Stock Exchange traded kinda slow this morning. Not like it would matter as I am sized down significantly following this crummy week I’ve had. No matter. I’ve taken the day off on Monday so I can refocus my energies.

You would think that I’d be ok trading on a very reduced capital exposure side but even then, I stumbled in the cash markets and my asset trades on Orange Juice weren’t good enough to lift me significantly into the green. I would have probably had better luck betting on horses.

There were plenty of other things this week that made life difficult but I’m just glad to be done with work for now. It’s not the way I wanted to end September but hopefully, October will be a better month. The wife took me out for dinner tonight as I cannot drive for the moment (another thing that made this week rough). It was very sweet of her and she says that I don’t have to do any housework this weekend and that I should just watch football. Nice!

*Sighing Heavily*

profile 6The New York Stock Exchange started off slow today. Whatever good I did was quickly nullified by subsequent trades on both the cash open and the asset PnL.

I traded Feeder Cattle again hoping that I’d get some momentum back but I lost what I made on my best trade and then some on subsequent attempts. There were no words to describe it. When the cash markets opened, I knew right away that I couldn’t size up the way I wanted and instead was killed by a thousand knife cuts as trade after trade just tore away at my capital. In the end, I was forced to sign off and just kind of chill out.

Because I’ve had 4 days where I don’t generate revenue, I am going to take Monday off. However, because I am still trading on Friday, I will severely cut my contracts exposure to the base number of units my portfolio allows. This will take any negative emotions out of what could be another break-even or negative day tomorrow. I just have to face the fact that I am not performing well for the week.

I am thankful for life though. I just hate this business.

In The Middle Of A Bad Week

prof2The New York Stock Exchange started off well this morning. Actually, it was exactly the kind of market that I needed. Except I couldn’t make any money. I have actually lost money on balance after today.

I totally forgot to post yesterday. I don’t know how that happened but it did. I could have sworn that I put something down but anyway…yeah, yesterday was a negative day as my cash open trades could not offset the crap trades I had in British Pound (I traded it two days in a row). Then today, well…today was just utter shit. I traded Feeder Cattle in the morning and when you get destroyed in Feeder Cattle…man, you just get destroyed. I knew that I’d have to pull out the athletic equivalent of Kobe Bryant’s 81 point game for the cash open but I couldn’t do it. I didn’t even come close.

I am microwaving lunch right now and just figuring out what I need to do to be productive for the rest of the day. I gotta get this session out of my mind so that I’ll be prepared for tomorrow. There is no crying in the salt mines and as shitty as this business is, it is the only skill I have that is a huge revenue driver.


The New York Stock Exchange started off slow but started gaining some momentum. Didn’t make much of a difference though, I just couldn’t do anything right. No news of any sort but even if there was, that stuff doesn’t make a difference. I’m just here to trade prices and shit.

Anyway, my trades in the British Pound didn’t work out this morning. I just completely crapped the bed. I had maybe 2 good trades out of the 6 I attempted and I just bungled the rest. It was the same more or less on the cash open. only a third of my trades went for anything positive.

I don’t like starting the week like this but sometimes, it’s just gotta happen. The only thing that worked out was that I wasn’t sized up. In relative terms, that’s ok but I’m not one for relative or hollow victories. My trading performance sucked ass today.

I’m still thankful for my life though.

!Sainte Merde Je Suise Fatigue!

profile 6The New York Stock Exchange traded slowly for me this morning. Too slow. We are starting to feel the effects of the China tariffs but from a market perspective. Too many people are going short and then when they get caught in a squeeze, it pumps the market up suddenly. You would think that this is a good opportunity to get some ticks but the problem is the ticks aren’t all that much and considering I’ve got to get out quickly. I’m not about to risk capital on that shit.

It took me about 4 times to try and size up today before I realized I am going to end up castrating myself. I don’t like to blame the market so I’m just going to say that this is my own shitty self’s fault. My saving grace today was 3 trades on Wheat for size which bolstered the PnL to the point where stumbling in the cash open didn’t screw me over for the whole day.

I am very fortunate that I got out of the week positive. I can’t believe it’s already the end of September. I really need to get 2 or 3 more good days before closing the books for the month. As always, I am thankful to God for my blessings.


The New York Stock Exchange traded well this morning. There were ample opportunities to make money if you were both conservative in your sizing or aggressive. I don’t know what happened after 11 because I signed off for the day but I was satisfied with what I got even though it wasn’t an ideal haul.

The day started off with British Pound and while I stumbled on my first couple of trades, I was already a little in the green when I hit into my best trades there. The cash open was a little bit different because even though I could have made money aggressively sizing – something just held me back from taking on the contracts that I would have liked to have taken on. In the end, it resulted in a PnL that was ok in terms of wins and losses but kind of average when you take in ticks and returns.

I am tired as hell today. I logged off at 11am, microwaved some ready made food and napped for an hour an a half before playing Halo: Reach, my favorite zone out game, if you know what I mean.

I’m glad things were quiet today. I may not be “happy” in life – but I sure am grateful.

Another One

The New York Stock Exchange traded sort of ok this morning.

I only say this because even though it wasn’t as wild as I would have liked I still made something. My asset trades were a mixed bag.

This day was so and so but I’m just glad I didn’t lose money.