The New York Stock Exchange traded slowly this morning. We’ve got a confluence of factors influencing today’s action, not the least of which is the 17th anniversary of 9/11. I am sure you are being inundated with stories from people and their memories of that day so I’ll save you the strangeness of hearing mine. The other thing that we’ve got going on is that there is a – and I quote – catastrophic hurricane that is about to hit the lower part of the United States east coast. Landfall is slated for Wednesday evening. There is still plenty of time for this hurricane to pivot and even become larger so this makes me quite nervous because even a small pivot can tangentially be dangerous for the area surrounding New York City.

I didn’t make all that much money today and I don’t even think I can say that I was productive. There was just nothing by way of profits that was helping me and a couple of losing trades here and there cemented the fact that I wasn’t going to  beat the market meaningfully.


I want to end this post with something that I think is very important to say. I know this won’t be read but it bears a real importance for everyone to know:

Illegal immigration and the xenophobia that accompanied it didn’t start magically with Donald Trump’s election.

No, it was around for a very long time even prior to Obama’s presidency.

But I want readers (especially outside of the United States) to know that it was a topic that was held and platformed by only the most fringe, stupid, and ignorant lunatics on the furthest side of the right political spectrum. No reasonable politician would think to bring the issue of illegal immigration as part of their political strategy.

No one.

It was tantamount to political suicide because you would be viewed as one of “the crazies”.

The civility of this country and the willingness for the US to let everyone work in peace was the dam that held back the loonies and their calls for border/immigration control. 

All that changed at 8:15am 17 years ago today when the first plane hit Tower 2. 

When you see the pictures of those towers going down, the men and women covered in soot, and the poor souls leaping to their deaths to avoid being burned alive – you need to know that the disharmony we see today is a consequence of that day.

I see people on Twitter talking about racist white people and white privilege and racial tolerance. What they don’t know is that America has always strived be the best it could be despite its imperfections when it came to those issues. This is why I am appalled when people talk about America as if it’s an evil entity.

The real evil here stemmed from militant Islam (and a Bill Clinton presidency that was unwilling to aggressively go after Osama Bin Laden even after the USS Cole bombing). Yes, 9/11 was horrific but the consequences – letting the far right loonies out of their jail cell would have a staggering effect. And the fact that no one wanted to acknowledge the role of militant Islam lent credence to those aforementioned loonies to start going after everyone that wasn’t white.

Talk to a Mexican person – an older one – and ask them if life was easier pre 9/11 or post 9/11 and they will tell you without hesitation that pre 9/11 was easier. It wasn’t easy but it was easier to just live. Most of these twitter warriors will never understand that because they believe history only started when Barack Obama was elected president, a presidency that was also a response from the consequences of 9/11.

The fact of the matter is that 9/11 changed the course of civility for the United States – but not in the ways that most people think. If you want to understand why loudmouths like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh have gained popularity, it’s because of what those hijackers did for the sake of their idiotic religious visions. Everything we see now, from the stupid NFL anthem debate, to safe-spaces in college, to Antifa, and to tribalism all across the spectrum of race and political affiliation is a tangential result of militant Islam’s 9/11 actions.

Don’t blame it on white privilege or toxic masculinity.

We are where we are because self-serving know-it-alls are too proud to admit that their liberal/conservative utopian visions don’t work and that the republic has to be maintained by a strong sense for civil discipline and freedom of expression. You don’t get it by bowing down to social justice mobs. You have to work to maintain peace and sometimes that means facing uncomfortable truths about religious, societal, and cultural beliefs, even our own. It’s imperative for the United States to do this before the far right AND the far left do. This is why Donald Trump was elected and not Hillary Clinton. At some point, you need someone that’s a no-nonsense, amoral, pragmatic Type-A personality to set everyone straight. Not only is this necessary in the United States but unfortunately, the rest of the world as well because they have all tried to implement Obama’s foolish utopian strategy. This is the legacy of 9/11 and it seems that 17 years removed from it, there are still people who cannot view it for what it really was and what to spread their ignorance everywhere.


Anyway, traders will need to keep an eye out for Hurricane Florence. If it’s going to bring as much damage as they say it will it’s going to drag down on the entire commodities markets as supply and demand will be disrupted. Let’s all hope for the best – but we have to prepare for the worst. Ultimately, we can’t let it escape us that there are people in that area that will need help: that is the most important thing of all.


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