profile5The New York Stock Exchange traded slowly out of the gates. I did not make any money at all in the cash open.

My asset trades were so-so as I tried making money off of Cocoa and The British Pound. Trading in both assets were compromised, at best. There was just nothing I could do today. So, I just ordered an Egg Foo Yung lunch combination from a local Chinese restaurant. If you know anything about American Chinese Food, you’ll know there’s almost nothing Chinese about it. Nevertheless, it tastes very good.

Egg Foo Yung is like the methamphetamines of Chinese food. It’s the food for the masses. Paired with pork fried rice, you have all the ingredients for a full blown arterial blockage. If you want to go up higher in the social ladder, you’ll have to go and get dim sum. But you need to go to the reputable places. So many establishments claim they can make soup dumplings but their attempts are feeble and pathetic, like my trading for today.

If you want the cocaine of Chinese food, the high roller, penthouse sex stuff, you’ve got to go to your nearest metropolitan Chinatown for dim sum. However, if you’re living on the edge like myself, the Walter White of food – then Egg Foo Yung with pork fried rice is the way to go.


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