profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange got off to a sort of slow start but when I was about to hang it up for the day, I caught a series of trades that kiiiiiiiind of made up for the morning. However, at that point, I had kind of gotten stuck at the point of the PnL where only really really good trades can make your day. I made decent money today and was productive but I was really walking the razor’s edge due to how much I had already traded.

I traded Wheat in the morning and in opposite fashion of the cash open, I had a great beginning but started to stumble towards the very end. This is why I was so close to hanging it up in the cash open. My trades at the end of my Wheat foray were not getting anything and I could feel the negative momentum start to creep up in my mentality.

Good thing things worked out at the end.

Am I lucky? Of Course! And you know what? It’s all good in the hood. Because I don’t believe in hard work.

Let me reiterate that.


Not in this business.

Hard work is almost a predictor of total and utter failure.

You, the reader may be asking: “So what do you believe in, Rhiese?, you devastatingly handsome shitbiscuit.”

Well, frankly, I don’t know what I believe in. I just know what I know – and I am content with that. I don’t need to know the secrets of the universe when I have a wife, my truck and video games to give meaning in my life. Knowing the secret to life or some ol’ hoity toity thing like that is for people who don’t know how to act normal and get along with other normal people so they have to cloak themselves in this mystique like they’re searching for the secret of existence all the while having picked up nuggets of wisdom that they dispense on the rest of us pathetic little plebians, hahahaha. Ok, maybe that’s not it.


Back to the point: it’s just how it is, baby. If you’re winning, you’re winning. If you’re losing, then find something else that gives your life bright shiny stripes of definition.

Speaking of trucks, like I said it was a long f*cking day. It’s times like these I like to get into my heavy duty truck and play…….80’s Japanese pop-songs. People get so surprised at stop lights. They look around to see who the fuck is playing that music and then their face contorts like they just shit their pants when they see which vehicle the music is coming out from.

Yeah, that’s right. It’s me dammit.

I love 80’s Japanese pop. It de-normalizes the weird normality that I have to mentally navigate just to get through days in this stupid career decision that I made. I know it’s a foreign concept to you: Guy in a massive American pickup truck playing the sweet intricacies of 80’s Japanese pop. It’s ok, just let it take you in its embrace.

Just close your eyes, and let the music go through your soul.

It will reach it – believe me. Then you’ll be one with your yin and yang.

PnL’s will cease to exist.

You will see the matrix.



2 thoughts on “Guts, Glory….

    • my man, you can use that thinking as the cornerstone of a successful trading career.

      as for the name, I just have a feeling that’s what people would call me for flooding their RSS feeds every day with useless shit lol

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