The New York Stock Exchange almost didn’t trade at all. Like, it was stuck. Like, there was absolutely nothing.

I literally dug myself into a hole trading the cash open which would have been great had I made money in Orange Juice but I actually lost money in Orange Juice. So I basically ended this week red, something I really really REALLY hate.

My trading literally resembled a big pile of elephant crap.

You know what else grinds my gears?

The fact that Volkswagen is “ending production” for their iconic Beetle. It’s ok though, I can relive the glory of that new Beetle everyday through Mandy Moore’s “Candy”. She is the one woman that my wife would grant me the ability to cheat on her with – provided she could have a night with Michael Fassbender.

I hate this business, but I sure am glad I’m done with it for the week.

Take it away, Mandy!!!


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